Corporate Training

Conflict Management and Extreme Negotiations for Senior Executives.




Why should my organisation be interested?

  • Because it will help protect your most valuable asset, your staff.
  • Because violence is becoming a bigger part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and because we all want to come home alive.
  • These skills can be taught to your staff at your office – at a time that suits you. The basic course is just 12 hours long, giving you a usable foundation, and a set of effective life changing techniques that are easy to learn and to incorporate into your daily life.

As a senior manager and decision maker, you may already offer corporate gym memberships or in-house classes. You now have an opportunity to equip your team with a highly effective blend of skills mixing physiology, psychology and the mechanics of conflict.

Coming out of dangerous situations with minimum damage is 70% awareness, 20% stress management, and 10% movement. This is true for a confrontation on the street, or in a boardroom  – equip your colleagues to deal effectively with either.


Who is it for?

We offer a practical set of tools for the extra-ordinary man and woman – whatever their age or level of fitness. You don’t need any experience, or even interest in martial arts or combat sport. In fact, interest in yoga, dance or volleyball may be more relevant.

What makes you extra-ordinary? Your ability to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. To actively participate in your development, instead of relying on others to make your life better.

And remember – learning stress management and conflict resolution can have spin-off benefits inside the boardroom or office meetings.



What you will learn:

  • To manage stress during conflict – because violence is often sudden, unexpected and always horrible;
  • To take action and not freeze while under extreme stress;
  • Learn to spot the tell-tale signs when violence is imminent;
  • To understand when negotiation is coming to an end and when action is required;
  • To know what to do when violence is unavoidable;
  • To learn how to survive. This is about being able to walk away from the horror of a violent encounter. This is not Hollywood, it is reality.


We will teach you to realistically evaluate when violence is about to happen, and help you to become friends with your fear. Things don’t always go according to plan –you need to be able to deal with the bumps of life.

In the introductory session we will cover the following topics:


  1. Extreme negotiations and conflict management-
  2. Setting your goals in a confrontation – Exiting the scenario with minimum damage, and preferably without getting physical.
  3. Understanding, and embracing, fear.
  4. Awareness and intuition.
  5. Hope – it’s often your enemy.
  6. Your motivation to stay alive.
  7. Trigger points – recognising when it’s time for action.
  8. Psychological and physiological effects of stress on you and “the other side of negotiations”.
  9. Common scenarios – and why do they occur. Using your opponents motives against them.
  10. Weapons, and knife crime in UK.
  11. What will work? What will get you into trouble?
  12. Legal aspects.


What next?

Contact David Kirillov on to arrange your first training session.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and to customise the training for your firm.




“Training with David and Val has been a transformative experience. Since starting to practise systema, I have learned a great deal about myself and managing situations. It has made me more confident and more capable in every aspect of my life, with the principles that drive the martial art finding an application in everything I do.

David and Val are very capable teachers. The atmosphere in their classes is ideal for learning – calm and respectful, but also demanding, without any of the macho stuff that can put people off martial arts.

I would recommend them, and systema, to anyone”.

John Oxley, barrister and Chief of Staff at Vardags

Course Directors

David Kirillov


A graduate from NYU with a degree in economics and military history, David’s career started in investment banking in US and UK, he then moved on to consulting and project management in banking, security, and corporate finance in UK and Russia.

Teaching skills where the price of the wrong decision is very high since 1995, David has set up and is still managing the oldest continuously operating self-defence school in London.


His clients come from all walks of life, from soldiers and actors, including James Norton, to VIPs and celebrities.

Teaching stress management and survival skills, providing covert security teams to high profile events, running extreme negotiations courses globally. David was also part of BBC  McMafia project, as a behind the scenes coach/advisor and as an actor.

An empathic, professional, and friendly teacher, David specialises in introducing ordinary people to the world of extreme decision making, and increasing their chances of survival in an unpredictable world.



Val Riazanov


After serving in the military, Val continued working in the security industry, working for private and public entities across the globe.

He has extensive experience in teaching armed and unarmed combat, psychology of confrontation, and setting up security protocols for governments, training of security staff for the military, airlines, HVG transport companies, and personal security for VIPs.

Val has also participated in film and TV projects in UK and US. He was featured as the fitness instructor in the Channel 4 game show Space Cadets.


Former member of the Soviet Olympic judo squad. Black belt in Judo, BJJ, and both sport and combat SAMBO.


Val’s impressive list of clients includes SWAT teams and police departments in US, Dubai Government, UAE Road and Transport Authority, UAE Medical Authorities, Emirates Airlines Security Group, Transguard Group LLC, Amiry Guards (personal SF security team of Abu Dhabi Royal Family), Dubai Police Department and various members of Abu Dhabi and Dubai ruling families.