Advanced Training

One of the main areas of focus for us is increasing the level of understanding of Systema, and giving people the confidence in their skills.

Confidence comes from real understanding of what you do, from the knowledge that becomes yours and comes out in your own work, rather than you trying to imitate someone else.

Our goal is to improve the ability of all of our students,  the depth of understanding of the material, their interaction with others – these skills are directly transferable to everyday life!

However, some are prepared to work harder, to challenge themselves, to smash the preconceived boundaries… Some discover that the self defence and combat applications of Systema are incidental, and that the journey simply starts there…

Free yourself of stereotypes, go beyond what you thought was possible and discover the freedom within!


Questions are encouraged! 🙂



If the above is too vague for you:

Yes, there is an instructor development programme, with group and individual training on what to teach and how to teach. The instructor training curriculum cannot be completed without apprenticeship in our classes. We also believe that an instructor must teach- otherwise he is not an instructor. We do not have a “black belt who is not teaching” equivalent.

Yes, there is advanced information that we do not share in an open class, not because we have secrets, but because the information is quite advanced and certain level of competency needs to be achieved before that is shared.

Yes, there is some information that can only be passed one-to-one, in person. Not in videos, not in a big class.

Yes, private lessons are available. Please email David for details.