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Short Cossack Whip / Nagaika <>

A short whip (nagaika) was at first used to motivate the cossack’s horse, but many other uses were soon discovered 🙂

These items are hand made for us in Siberia, the handle is metal, the core is a steel cable, everything else is raw cow-hide. Or is it Rawhide??? 🙂

Used as a crowd control tool, a wolf deterrent, a massage tool, and an excellent learning aide to understand correct movement and posture.

Warning- there are many different versions of the short cossack whip available on the internet. Some are very good, some are atrocious. I unfortunately have seen both ends of the spectrum. Some distributors buy the products rejected by us, and sell them at a reduced rate. Let the buyer beware.

Our nagaikas come with a ten year warranty, provided you do not hit hard objects with them too often. In case of repeated encounters of the whip and a brick building, the building will void the warranty and damage the leather. By the way, my nagaika is now 15 years old and is still going strong!

Rest assured, I will only sell the product of the highest quality, examined by me personally, and I will remain your point of contact in case of any problems or questions you may have.

We run regular events where we teach people how to use them, contact me for more details., or simply come to class if you have questions on how to best use your whip. Or ask my daughters 🙂






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