Sword Therapy

I’ve seen people with sabres in class, and heard them talk, I don’t get it. What’s this Sword Therapy ™ thing that you do? 

It ain’t what Anne Boleyn got.

Some people in class were invited to participate in a very special programme, and some have accepted the invitation.

In short, it is movement therapy, with very simple rules, that you will find difficult to follow.

But the long answer is- this is what I put together after over 20 years of studying Russian warrior arts. It’s a culmination of my teaching and learning experiences to date.

When done under supervision of a qualified instructor (at the moment, I haven’t trained others in the teaching protocols, so it’s only me for now) it will change how you perceive the world. It will kick off the deep healing processes in your body, and in your soul (remember, the actual meaning of the word psychology is  the study of the soul, spirit or breath, translated from Greek), liberate you from whatever is holding you back, teach you to stay relaxed and focused, and change how you interact with the world.

A nice side effect is the much deeper understanding of how Systema actually works – including in combat.

Some elements of the curriculum include: movement with the sword with and without partner, cutting drills, massage sessions with the sword, and the “initiation”, for the lack of better word.

To use a term from an orthodox church vocabulary, it’s a mystery, when an act looks like something, but has far deeper meaning, content and results than what is seen by the outside observer.

It is not about the twirling of the swords, or flankirovka (ru- фланкировка), though elements of this are present in the programme.

It is done in private sessions, with real Russian hand-made swords, the challenges, both emotional and physical are set quite high, almost at the edge, the price of an error is high, the results are impressive.

Inquiries are welcome.

Please note, while the regular classes are open to almost anyone, this training is not suitable for all, please do not be offended if I ask you to wait a bit longer before starting this programme.