Coronavirus update 2 September 2020

Hello folks, and welcome to traditional martial arts.

Truly traditional, when martial arts training is not allowed by the government, and a teacher with a few students trains in the park.

You know, on a golf course the rakes that were present near every sand trap were removed, because they are considered too high of a risk for spreading COVID. No contact activities are allowed indoors.

We do not know when this particular limitation will be lifted.

Meanwhile, we are still training, all within the law.

Types of training available:

Groups up to 10 in the park, we train in three locations: Wapping Park and  Green Park in London, and Lake Meadows Park in Billericay, Essex. Private lessons also take place in these locations, or at a client’s location.

To train, you need to:

  1. Be free of the symptoms of COVID19 at the time of training.
  2. Accept that personal contact, even at arms length, is significantly higher risk than keeping your distance, or isolating at home, or staying within your bubble. In our case, people who have been training regularly have formed our own bubble.
  3. Accept that you have a responsibility to inform the instructor if you exhibit any COVID or flu symptoms after training. Instructor has the responsibility of immediately suspending any further training for 14 days and informing all the group members of suspected infection, so that the others may also isolate.
  4. Be willing to wear a mask, use your own equipment, and sanitise your hands often, and a request of the instructor.
  5. Understand, that when indoor training resumes, until the gov’t permits it, there will be no personal contact, no grabbing, no pad work, no grappling, no strikes.

New members, please say hello by email or in the telegram channel, I will organise a zoom session so that you can start doing some drills at home to prepare yourself for a class IRL.

Be well, watch this space and our telegram group for updates.