What’s with the gloves?

A few seconds from class in October 2017.

This is not a boxing drill, not even light sparring.

Please refrain from comments on the openness of the stance, and hand position- that’s not what this drill is about.

This is a stress management exercise, where participant gets hit, and still needs to maintain his composure.

We often do martial arts training and remain in the world of illusions, thinking our miraculous skills will impress and overwhelm the partner. This is not an accurate representation of reality.

We will receive contact.

To introduce the students to stress, and not break them, we start slowly, with gloves on. The intensity, speed and risk of injury all increase as we progress through the drills- when both partners are ready.

Notice the gentleman in a white t-shirt is focussing on pushing through the opponent, rather than trying to tag him quickly and snap back… keeping the movement slow, and honest, while the incoming strikes are relatively fast.