Face Masks as Part of a Pandemic Safety Protocol.

26 March 2020, London.

“They don’t help against the virus” is the current rhetoric.


They are mandatory part of safety practices in the countries that managed to successfully deal with the virus. And they are severely lacking in the countries that are struggling to keep the infections under control.

Ask a doctor or a nurse if they are happier facing a patient with a potential infection with a mask and gloves on, or without these barriers.

Yes, it is true, the virus is too small to be stopped by the material of a regular face mask.

But please consider:

The virus doesn’t have wings, or legs, it does not jump, or fly on its own. It gets delivered to you on a vehicle, most often the vehicle is either droplets of liquid, or your own skin.

Reasons to wear a mask:

  1. If you are a carrier, it protects others from whatever comes out of your face and nose. That’s a pretty big deal, because you don’t know if you are infected. Because you probably have not been tested yet, whatever symptoms you have.  This is because we are experiencing a shortage of test kits too, not just the masks, thermometers, gloves…
  2. The micro droplets of liquid that may be carrying a virus will land on the mask, not on your skin and/or mucus membranes. A quick (really quick) spray of the right disinfectant will keep the mask usable for another few minutes while you consider the replacement.
  3. When you try to touch your face with your filthy hands (because you were in a shop, in a car, in public transport..), you will touch the mask. We all touch our face numerous times during the day, and we don’t often notice it. Wearing a mask will make you more safer, and more aware.

I understand that you will struggle to buy a mask in the UK as of today.

Make your own. It will be reusable, if you wash and disinfect it properly. If you don’t know how to make one, please let me know, I will record a short video with instructions.

A properly worn mask will offer a degree of protection for you, and quite a bit of protection for others. I urge you to wear one whenever you leave your house to a place where you are likely to interact with others.

Next post- how to disinfect. Hand gel is a good thing, when you can get it. It is not the right tool if you want to clean the door handle on your car, your house, or to give your mask a few extra minutes of service. There are better options. See you soon.

Be safe, be sane, stay indoors if you can, think for yourself.